This Summer Camp really helped me prepare for my future career and it was also fun at the same time. I really enjoyed learning about HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Font Awesome, and because of this camp, I had the best summer ever!

Ameya Menon Student Web 101

This Was a Very Encouraging And Interesting class, I wish to learn more of HTML and Bootstrap, and all the capabilities that they can do.

Aditya Satya Narayan Student Web 101

The Web Development Class was a good experience. This is a great class for beginners on coding, as it provides insight into the basics of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Font Awesome. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn to code but doesn’t know where to start.

Nikhita Nallu Student Web 101

I enjoyed this program a lot and I will definitely do more training programs like this through Quad Academy.

Diya Vishwakarma Student Web 101

It is perfect, you will be able to code a complex website

Rithwick Lakshmanan Student Web 101

It’s a really good way to learn how to code.

Jaydon Kachappilly Student Web 101