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In-depth training on AWS Cloud & DevOps Tools & Technologies. Overview of Google and Azure Cloud.   

In-depth Training on Azure Cloud services. Overview of Google Cloud and AWS Cloud.         

In-depth training on Agile & Scrum concepts, user stories creation & Estimation, Scrum team roles & responsibilities. 

We customize the training program to tailor the needs of groups and organizations.         

Mentoring program to prepare the team member for realtime project experience.             

Summer boot camp programs for Middle and High School Students to introduce the students to programming.   

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This Summer Camp really helped me prepare for my future career and it was also fun at the same time. I really enjoyed learning about HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Font Awesome, and because of this camp, I had the best summer ever!

Ameya Menon Student Web 101

This Was a Very Encouraging And Interesting class, I wish to learn more of HTML and Bootstrap, and all the capabilities that they can do.

Aditya Satya Narayan Student Web 101

The Web Development Class was a good experience. This is a great class for beginners on coding, as it provides insight into the basics of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and Font Awesome. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to learn to code but doesn’t know where to start.

Nikhita Nallu Student Web 101

I enjoyed this program a lot and I will definitely do more training programs like this through Quad Academy.

Diya Vishwakarma Student Web 101

It is perfect, you will be able to code a complex website

Rithwick Lakshmanan Student Web 101

It’s a really good way to learn how to code.

Jaydon Kachappilly Student Web 101

These classes are very in-depth and teach many skills in a short time. I know so much more about coding and the way webpages work than I did before. I would highly suggest this course for beginners like me who have no prior experience in coding. It’s definitely a good head start.

Tanya Rastogi Student Web 101

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